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Mike LePond's Silent AssassinsMany artists have preserved their sanity with side projects. Symphony X is a band with a few side projects from its members. Most notable being Russell Allen’s involvement with Adrenaline Mob, which I really dislike. Fortunately, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins are nothing like Adrenaline Mob obviously. This project gives the bassist free reign and he takes full advantage.

Musically (and even lyrically), it isn’t THAT far from Symphony X at times. That being said, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins do things that Symphony X do not do or haven’t done for a while. The self-titled album feels like Symphony X meets Overkill at an Iron Maiden concert.

Mike plays rhythm guitar in addition to bass and wrote the entire record. Watchtower vocalist Alan Tecchio gives an amazing performance and channels Bruce Dickinson now and then. But Mike LePond’s bass always leads the way. Whether it’s an intro to a track or…

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Fireland present new single – Power metal from Chile

I already wrote about Fireland’s first release back then, and since it has been re-released for Europe by the German Power Prog label.

Now the new album is coming up and here is the first single out on youtube.

For me, it’s ok powermetal, nothing outstanding but quite solid. Only the lyrics are a bit of a turn off for me, too shallow and cliche I think. But still, a listenable track. Let’s see what the album will bring

Glass Mind

Glass Mind is a young band playing a heavy brand of power metal with some prog elements added. Most noticeable are the very nice classical (piano) allusions, the guitar riffing and the very good vocals. Some more could have been done with the enthnic instruments in the album intro, maybe we’ll see more of that in a later album. The songs are rather catchy and memorizeable while being well composed. The vocals are powerful, in the vein of Russel Allen and similar singers. Although there is not really a ‘hit’ on the album, there are some tunes that will stick in your head, others will take more listens to get them digested. In my opinion t is a very very great debut and shows the huge potential of the band. Check out the album, that is available for free on the band’s bandcamp page. Currently they are working on the second release that I am looking forward to.


Haunting Regrets (2011) 

1. Utopian Feeling
2. Haunting Regrets
3. Falling Apart
4. Your Name In Silence
5. Crepusculum Vehementis
6. I’m Still There
7. Survive
8. That Weird Thing
9. Beyond Our Souls


A little bit more history:  founded in 2005 by guitarist Benjamin Berthier who was only 15 years old at the time and his drummer Edgar Garduno, who was 16. They took part in three band contests, winning one third and two first places, winning them some gigs in Japan in one of them. In 2008  they put out the album Haunting Regrets with mexican label Circo Volador.
In 2010 the band toured Japan again,  performing in Tokyo, Osaka and Shiga. They were rewarded by a distro deal with a Japanese label, and started re-recording their album as a whole with some new arrangements and a brand new track.
This time the album was produced by the band themselves. Also Alejandro Afuso joined the band for this album rerecordings as a keyboardist, and Dante Diaz (War Kabinett, The Arkitecht) did some guest vocas.
2011 saw the release of the rerecorded Haunting Regrets album.