Tellus Requiem

Upcoming band from Norway, progressive power metal, really great stuff here

Released the album Tellus Requiem by themselves in 2010
fast, hard, powerful, sounds close to Symphony X

Stig Nergård – Guitar
Ivar Hagen Bøe – Bass
Espen Hektoen – Drums
Anders Sundbø – Keys
Ben Rodgers – Vocals

I hope some more will be released soon


Mystic Prophecy

Power metal band from Germany

Mystic Prophecy have released 7 CDs during the past eleven years

their style is solid metal, nice guitar work, nice vocals, some good melodies, no synths (at least on this album)

I bought their album Fireangel (2009) that came with a bonus CD with some live tracks. I feel it is a little uninspired though there are a few quite good tracks, but it made me neither inclined to check out their latest release Ravenlord (2011) nor to see them play live. If there are any fans out there I’d love you to write a guest post about their latest album

CD 1
01. Across the Gates of Hell
02. Demons Crown
03. We Kill! You Die!
04. Father Save Me
05. To the Devil I Pray
06. Fireangel
07. Fight Back the Light
08. Death Under Control
09. Revolution Evil
10. Gods of War
11. Forever Betrayed

CD2 Japan Special
01. Crimson Devastation
02. Stranger In Me
03. The King Is Back
04. War In The Sky
05. Sacrifice Me
Live Songs
06. Dark Forces
07. Sign Of The Cross
08. Evil Empires
09. Demons Blood
10. Masters Of Sin
11. Satanic Curses
12. In The Darkness
12. Shadows Beyond My Soul


Formed in 2009 by some guys from the UK and the US
2011 their debut album Rebel Mind was released
very powerful and a little progressive, I like it, check it out

keyboardist Bobby Williamson (formerly of Outworld and Thought Chamber)
Jonny Tatum (Vocals)
Reece Fullwood (Guitars)
drummer Kevin Bartlett
Bobby’s former Outworld band-mate Shawn Kascak on bass guitar

1 Legion
2 Delusions
3 Rebel Mind
4 Father
5 Tides
6 Key
7 Red Light Flies
8 Dreaming of Death
9 Secret Places

Holy Force

I’m not sure if Holy Force is a band or just a temporary project, not much info to be found. It is good that Ango Chen has an outlet in making music, talking seems not to be his strongest side, as you can find out if you read his interview with
Anyway, Mike Boals who was with Danish powermetalers Royal Hunt for a while as well as with Yngwie Malmsteen, Ango Chen, guitarist and moving spirit of the band, Mike LePond of Symphony X and Rhino of Manowar released this selftitled album together in 2011. Some reviews were awesome calling it a Supergroup, some spoke very openly of plagiarism.

I found it enjoyable, really nothing outstanding, only one track that stuck in my mind at all, but it’s not bad either. Simply melodic, solid, well produced (at least most of it. The mastering is somewhat strange, the short instrumental tracks in between the regular songs sound as if they were twice as loud) Check out the playlist at the bottom

1. Holy Force
2. Flying
3. Breathe
4. Seasons
5. A Country Good or Bad
6. Power of Life
7. Sky Etude
8. We Are The Warriors
9. Moonlight Fantasy
10. The Wings of Forever
11. Chasing The Dream
12. Emperor
13. Waiting
14. See You In The Future

Mike Boals – Vocals
Ango Chen – Guitars
Mike LePond – Bass
Kenny “Rhino” Earl – Drums


Distorted Harmony

Progressive metal from Israel
Utopia, released May 2012 is the band’s first album. Find the band’s bio on facebook, they have been together for only a year or so. Sure thing is I will keep informed of what they are doing in the future, because this album is not only very innovative and somewhat unique but also very beautiful. Though I go for the more power metal music in general, this fragile album conquered my heart with its haunting melodies. I was lucky to read a review of their album on one of my fav blogs, Valkyrian Music early on, when they still gave away the album for free – thxs a lot to the band!


1. Kono Yume
2. Breathe
3. Obsession
4. Blue
5. Unfair
6. Utopia

Misha Soukhinin – Vocals
Guy Landau – Guitars
Yoav Efron – Keyboards
Iggy Cohen – Bass
Yogev Gabay – Drums

Illusion Suite

Illusion Suite have been round for about ten years, hail from Oslo, Norway

first EP came out in 2005 and they released an album in 2009 titled Final Hour

Though Illusion Suite are not very well known, their music is totally epic, very powerful and with a lot more progressive elements than, say the latest Symphony X.  And though I’m not a fan of female vocals in metal, they have a lady vocalist here for some parts that work really well. I am looking forward to their next album that according to their homepage should be finished soon.

1.The W.i.r.e.
2.Scarlet Skies
3.The Devil In Your Heart
4.Once We Were Here
5.A Moment To Remember
6.The Passage
7.Pandora’s Box
8.The Adventures Of Arcan
9.A Ghost From The Past
10.Scarlet Skies (Video) (Data Track)

IS on facebook

Anubis Gate

Another band form Denmark, they have been around for ten years or so.

Their music emphsizes the prog element but they can also sound very hard and technical

Quote (from their page): “The past year (2011)  was a fabulous year for us. We released our 5. album which made many industry “best of 2011 lists”. And indeed it was voted as THE best album of 2011 by HEAVYMETAL.DK”

I wouldn’t go as far as that, indeed I very much prefer the full-blooded, playful, vitality-loaden 2009 release The Detached, but if you like this kind of music at all, you cannot go wrong with any of their albums. They are a goot to great band


1. Hold Back Tomorrow
2. The Re-Formation Show
3. Facing Dawn
4. World in a Dome
5. Desiderio Omnibus
6. Oh My Precious Life
7. Golden Days
8. Telltale Eyes
9. River
10. Circumtsanced

Henrik Fevre – Vocals, bass
Morten Sørensen – Drums
Jesper M. Jensen – Guitars
Kim Olesen – Guitars, synthesizers