It all started with Symphony X

yes, when I first listened to a Symphony X album it was a revelation and infected me with the powerprog virus. I guess I have always been into prog and neoclassic, Jethro Tull, early Genesis, ELP, these were my teenage favs. From there I have moved on to the metal stuff when I first laid my hands on a Symphony X album. It was more than a revelation, it was instant passion, as though I had at last found something that I didn’t know I was looking for…

I guess most readers of this blog are familiar with Symphony X anyway, so why go on ranting about them. Check out their latest release, Iconoclast. As most people will tell you Sxmphony X have rather gone from prog to power, but there is none of that fanca epic or symphonic stuff that is sometimes associated with power metal, this is just pure hard & heavy power. Insofar it follows in the footsteps of the 2009 release Paradise Lost that was also rather heavy and no-frills prog.
The songs are very accessible and – for prog – simple in structure. I loved the album from the beginning, though I also love their earlier releases.

01. Iconoclast (10:53)
02. The End of Innocence (5:29)
03. Dehumanized (6:49)
04. Bastards of the Machine (4:58)
05. Heretic (6:26)
06. Children of a Faceless God (6:22)
07. Electric Messiah (6:15)
08. Prometheus (I Am Alive) (6:48)
09. When All Is Lost (9:10)

Band Members:
Russell Allen (vocals)
Michael Romeo (guitar)
Michael Pinnella (keyboards)
Michael Lepond (bass)
Jason Rullo (drums)

Listen to Dehumanized, Electric Messiah and Children Of A Faceless God
I don’t really think there’s a weak track on this album



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