I started listening to Kamelot about the same time as Symphony X and in my mind these two will always be linked together. Although their music is quite different. I don’t know if you’d call them progressive, or alt metal, their music is ulitimatively beautiful so they must go in here.

The first album I bought though was their most recent release, Poetry For The Poisoned (2010). I Don’t know why I started collecting them so late in the day. The Black Halo (2005) is a masterpiece, unsurpassed, and so is The Ghost Opera (2009), almost as great. I think Kamelot fro me really only came into being when Roy Khan joined the band on vocals and sure he brought a lot of songwriting accents into the band too.
Just a very short time ago now Roy announced he’s leaving the band due to health problems with his voice, thus finishing a chapter of brilliance in the Book Of Kamelot.

But let us think ahead, Roy def was getting tired, and the last ever release to feature him is one of the weakest Kamelot have put out.
Check out The Great Pandemonium, If Tomorrow Came and The Hunter’s Season for some rememberance of former greatness. The songs are not as accessible as formerly and lack the originality and grand vision. On the European CD edition there’s the bonus track “Where the Wild Roses Grow”, a song by Nick Cave featuring Chanty Wunder on vocals that has a simplistic melody and song structure (sorry Nick) that really got me annoyed after a few listens, totally unworthy of Kamelot.

Track Listing:

1. The Great Pandemonium
2. If Tomorrow Came
3. Dear Editor
4. The Zodiac
5. Hunter’s Season
6. House On A Hill
7. Necropolis
8. My Train Of Thoughts
9. Seal Of Woven Years
-Poetry For The Poisoned-
10. PT I Incubus
11. PT II So Long
12. PT III All Is Over
13. PT IV Dissection
14. Once Upon A Time

Band Members:

Khan (Vocals)
Thomas Youngblood (Guitars)
Casey Grillo (Drums)
Oliver Palotai (Keyboards)
Sean Tibbett (Bass)



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