Royal Hunt

4 piece power/prog metal band from Denmark

since 1992 they have released an album every two years on the average, and they must have undergone some funny phases, as there are some 80ies style easy-listening-rock songs up on youtube that would work well on Baywatch soundtrack anytime

their latest release Show Me How To Live (2011) is on my wishlist and I’m totally looking forward to listening to it. I think it is killer, very hard and melodic power metal with awesome vocals (DC Cooper), great composition and production.

I’ll do another post on their 2005 album Paper Blood later on.

To prelisten you must look them up on iTunes, CD Baby or amazon, as all songs off the new album are taken down by request of the band or label immediately

  1. One More Day
  2. Another Man Down
  3. An Empty Shell
  4. Hard Rain`s Coming
  5. Half Past Loneliness
  6. Show Me How To Live
  7. Angels Gone


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