Anubis Gate

Another band form Denmark, they have been around for ten years or so.

Their music emphsizes the prog element but they can also sound very hard and technical

Quote (from their page): “The past year (2011)  was a fabulous year for us. We released our 5. album which made many industry “best of 2011 lists”. And indeed it was voted as THE best album of 2011 by HEAVYMETAL.DK”

I wouldn’t go as far as that, indeed I very much prefer the full-blooded, playful, vitality-loaden 2009 release The Detached, but if you like this kind of music at all, you cannot go wrong with any of their albums. They are a goot to great band


1. Hold Back Tomorrow
2. The Re-Formation Show
3. Facing Dawn
4. World in a Dome
5. Desiderio Omnibus
6. Oh My Precious Life
7. Golden Days
8. Telltale Eyes
9. River
10. Circumtsanced

Henrik Fevre – Vocals, bass
Morten Sørensen – Drums
Jesper M. Jensen – Guitars
Kim Olesen – Guitars, synthesizers


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