Illusion Suite

Illusion Suite have been round for about ten years, hail from Oslo, Norway

first EP came out in 2005 and they released an album in 2009 titled Final Hour

Though Illusion Suite are not very well known, their music is totally epic, very powerful and with a lot more progressive elements than, say the latest Symphony X.  And though I’m not a fan of female vocals in metal, they have a lady vocalist here for some parts that work really well. I am looking forward to their next album that according to their homepage should be finished soon.

1.The W.i.r.e.
2.Scarlet Skies
3.The Devil In Your Heart
4.Once We Were Here
5.A Moment To Remember
6.The Passage
7.Pandora’s Box
8.The Adventures Of Arcan
9.A Ghost From The Past
10.Scarlet Skies (Video) (Data Track)

IS on facebook


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