Distorted Harmony

Progressive metal from Israel
Utopia, released May 2012 is the band’s first album. Find the band’s bio on facebook, they have been together for only a year or so. Sure thing is I will keep informed of what they are doing in the future, because this album is not only very innovative and somewhat unique but also very beautiful. Though I go for the more power metal music in general, this fragile album conquered my heart with its haunting melodies. I was lucky to read a review of their album on one of my fav blogs, Valkyrian Music early on, when they still gave away the album for free – thxs a lot to the band!


1. Kono Yume
2. Breathe
3. Obsession
4. Blue
5. Unfair
6. Utopia

Misha Soukhinin – Vocals
Guy Landau – Guitars
Yoav Efron – Keyboards
Iggy Cohen – Bass
Yogev Gabay – Drums


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