Winter’s Verge

Power / prog metal form Cyprus

Just released their third album Beyond Vengance in April 2012
Been around since 2004
They state they are the premiere power/progressive band from Cyprus … I guess there aren’t that many of them round out there 🙂
The turning point of their career was their support tour of Stratovarius in 2009

I think their music is awesome, at least the new material is, check it out! Well worth a listen and more

Track listing
1. Cunning Lullabies (05:49)
2. Paper is Blank (04:34)
3. Unto the Darkness (03:59)
4. Not Without a Fight (04:22)
5. Bleeding Heart (04:22)
6. Dying (05:10)
7. One Last Night (0520)
8. Threads of My Life (04:05)
9. Angels of Babylon (03:15)
10. Semeni (06:33)
11. A Dream for a Dream (Bonus Track) (05:22)


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