Angra was a powermetal band with progressive and neo-classical elements, from Brazil

They had their peak and were very successful in the 1990ies and released quite a number of discs. Though the sound may seem dated on some of the songs the music still has a lot to say for

It is a classic band you should check out, I have made a playlist for your exploration, my fav albums are Fireworks and Rebirth, the latest, Aqua (2010)  I do not like so much

Latest news: Singer Edu Falaschi declared he’s leaving Angra for good taking bass player Felipe Andreoli with him to pursue a former side project that has ripened into the band Almah full time

Guitar player Kiko Loureiro has already released some solo albums


Angels Cry – 1993
Holy Land – 1996
Fireworks – 1998
Rebirth – 2001
Temple of Shadows – 2004
Aurora Consurgens – 2006
Aqua – 2010aqua cover art

1. Viderunt Te Aquae
2. Arising Thunder
3. Awake from Darkness
4. Lease of Life
5. The Rage of the Waters
6. Spirit of the Air
7. Hollow
8. A Monster in Her Eyes
9. Weakness of a Man
10. Ashes


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