Serenity are an Austrian power / symphonic metal band, started somewhere around 2004 and have released three full lenght albums and an EP

They are highly succsessful, besides supporting Kamelot and Threshhold twice, they will also play ProgPower USA this September (2012)

Their latest release is called Death & Legacy and was launched Feb 2011

01. Set Sail To… (intro)
02. New Horizons
03. The Chevalier
04. Far From Home
05. Heavenly Mission
06. Prayer (interlude)
07. State Of Siege
08. Changing Fate
09. When Canvas Starts To Burn
10. Serenade Of Flames
11. Youngest Of Widows (LTD only)
12. Below Eastern Skies (interlude)
13. Beyond Desert Sands
14. To India’s Shores (LTD only)
15. Lament (interlude)
16. My Legacy

A very powerful sound, epic melodies and symphonic elements mark out this band

female guest vocalists: Ailyn of SIRENIA, Amanda Somerville (AVANTASIA, EPICA, KISKE) and Charlotte Wessels of DELAIN,

These guys really rock, I suggest you check out their releases, samples of their work as usual in the playlist below


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