Anthriel is progressive metal from Finnland, the Scandinavian countries seem to serve the perfect breeding ground for this kind of music. They also cite neo-classical and old school heavy metal influences.

Started in 2004, released one album so far in 2010, very busy touring at the moment and they have started recording the follow up album this May (2012) so stay tuned.

Meanwhile check out

The Pathway

1. Devil’s Lullaby
2. Mirror Games
3. Guardian
4. Repression
5. Haven of Grace
6. Dark Divided Minds
7. The Deliverance
8. Controversial Euphoria.
9. Light Divine.
10. Scent of Dawn.
11. Promised Land.
12. Chains of the Past.

Simo Silvan – vocals
Timo Niemistö – guitars
Jari Kuokkanen – drums
Klaus Wirzenius – bass
Antti Hakulinen – keys


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