Musical Indulgence

A Review of Adrenaline Mob’s “Omertà”

June 14th, 2012

Written and Edited by Troy Swiatek



I picked this album up on a whim, being a huge Mike Portnoy fan, while at my local music store (of course, I picked up the brand new Flying Colors album along with it; it will be reviewed at a later date, but I was most definitely more impressed with that release in comparison to this one). Needless to say, with a superstar trio consisting of the magnificent Symphony X vocalist Russell Allen, infamous shredder Mike Orlando – I am quite the fan of his Sonic Stomp albums – and the brilliant Transatlantic (hell, I prefer Transatlantic to Dream Theater and his other projects) drummer Mike Portnoy, I was expecting a mind-blowing release.

However, with an early peek at the album art, I could already foresee a mediocre album. I expected “yet another” average hard…

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