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Brazilian metallers ANGRA are set to release their first best of album Best Reached Horizons in October 2012 on Steamhammer/SPV for the world except Japan / South America.

This 20 year career spanning album was compiled by the band and will be available as a double jewel case CD with a massive booklet including liner notes by guitar player Rafael Bittencourt.

CD1 contains an overview of the Andre Matos era and CD2 spans the Edu Falaschi era featuring a cover version of Led Zeppelins “Kashmir”.

Release Dates:

Release Date Scandinavia:        October 24th, 2012

Release Date Germany:              October 26th, 2012

Release Date Europe:                  October 29th, 2012

Release Date USA:                       October 30th, 2012



01 Carry On

taken from “Angels Cry”

02 Angels Cry

taken from “Angels Cry”

03 Wuthering Heights

taken from “Angels Cry”

04 Evil…

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