Darkwater is a Swedish prog metal band with power metal leanings

started in 2003 the five Swedes have released two albums up to date and have started working on a follow up.

They have nice melody lines and riffs with proggish enclaves, but altogether their music is very accessible and singalong ( not in any sense negative)

Played Progpower USA in 2011

Releases: Calling the Earth To Witness in 2007 and

Where Stories End       2010

1. Breathe
2. Why I Bleed
3. Into The Cold
4. A Fools Utopia
5. Queen Of The Night
6. In The Blink Of An Eye
7. Fields Of Sorrow
8. Without A Sound
9. Walls Of  Deception

Henrik Båth – Vocals/Guitars
Magnus Holmberg – Keyboards
Markus Sigfridsson – Guitars
Tobias Enbert – Drums
Simon Andersson – Bass

Not much to see on their homepage so go here for updates


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