Furyu is progressive, metal, Italian and they have some awsome comic style artwork and homepage

Their music is instrumental or just features kinda spoken word and shouted vocals, very melodic and memorizeable for all that. Nice slap bass!

They started in 2000 but really got serious in 2009 with new line up and went off to the studio to put out this awesome release in 2011.

‘The term “FURYU”, which in modern Japanese means “elegant”, was used in the poems of the late Heian period (Japan, 795-1185) to represent an aristocratic and nostalgic vision of life; literally means “flowing wind and water”.’

as you can read in their bio on reverbnation

Get a free download of their album on their homepage!

Ciò Che L’Anima Non Dice

1. Illusione Dei Miei Giorni (6:13)
2. ..E Poi La Luce (8:43)
3. Un Momento: Vado A Fuoco (4:10)
4. Finalmente Io Sono (5:36)
5. La Vastità Del Mio Tempo (Ciò Che L’Anima Non Dice) (6:57)

Michele Zappoli [bass]
Grechi Riccardo [drums]
Federico Melandri [guitar]
Giulio Capitelli [guitar]
Damiano Storelli [samples]



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