Time for introducing the band that I stole my avatar from 🙂

Galneryus is a Japanese power metal band started in 2001; their music shows subtle progressive intrusions and nicest shredding. In Japan they are very popular indeed, almost like popstars here.

They released seven albums, three cover albums, four live DVDs and contributed to a lot of compilation releases.

The latest record Phoenix Rising from 2011 comes with a bonus Live CD featuring covers of Stratovarius, Malmsteen, Ozzy osbourne and others.
01 – The Rising
02 – Tear Off Your Chain
03 – Future Never Dies
04 – Spirit Of Steel
05 – Scars
06 – The Wind Blows
07 – T.F.F.B.
08 – No More Tears
09 – Bash Out!
10 – The Time Has Come
11 – The Phoenix
CD2 Live:
01 – Against The Wind
02 – Rock You Like A Hurricane
03 – Secret Loser
04 – 1789
05 – Kiss Of Death
06 – Never Die
07 – Street Lethal


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