Hailing from Norway, a country known for its high quality in both progressive and extreme metal, the expectations are always high when a new band emerges on the stage. The heavy progressive-metal band Frail Grounds challenge these expectations with their debut album, The Fields of Trauma.

Frail Grounds was formed late 2005, and released their first EP ‘Corrosion’ in 2008. Their musical vision was always to create interesting and flowing soundscapes, merging elements from different genres ranging from traditional heavy, progressive and extreme metal, yet always maintaining a melodic baseline.

The recording of the album ‘The Fields of Trauma’ started by the end of 2010 at Lionheart Studios, and was finished fall 2011. A conceptual album, ‘The Fields of Trauma’  follows an expedition deep into Siberia, and deals with how far a person might go under extreme circumstances, in order to achieve a sense of resolution.


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