Dali’s Dilemma

Dali’s Dilemma was a progressive metal band from California started in 1994 and split up sometime after their only album release. Their music is played on a high level of technical skill while somewhat lacking in emotional appeal.  I enjoy this album very much still after all those years.

News of what the members are doing now can’t be found, except that the keyboardist Matt Guillory worked with james LaBrie of Dream Theater on some of his solo albums and also was part of Explorers Club, a kind of Supergroup featuring, among others, LaBrie and Petrucci, D.C. Cooper (Royal Hunt), Terry Bozzio, Billy Sheehan and Steve Howe (Yes).

Their label Magna Carta is home of Shadow Gallery, Age Of Nemesis, Liquid Tension Experience and other famous bands.
Manifesto for Futurism 1999
1.Within a Stare
2.Miracles in Yesteryear
3.Despite the Waves
5.Ashen Days
6.Andromeda Sunrise
7.This Time Around
8.Hills of Memory
9.Can’t You See
10.Living in Fear


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