Divinefire is a Christian Symphonic Power metal group founded in the spring of 2004 by Finnish guitarist Jani Stefanovic, and Swedish singer Christian Liljegren. The band started their career by signing a contract in Japan for their first release  ‘Glory Thy Name’ in 2004.

Their music is melodic and sometimes very heavy and agressive power metal.


Glory Thy Name (2004)
Hero (2005)
Into a New Dimension (2006)
Farewell (2008)
Eye Of The Storm (2011)

  • “Time For Salvation” 4:35
  • “Hold On” 4:00
  • “Unchain My Soul” 4:03
  • “Bright Morning Star” 4:45
  • “To Love And Forgive” 6:57
  • “Even At My Lowest Point” 4:19
  • “Send Me Out” 3:25
  • “Masters And Slaves” 3:57
  • “The World’s On Fire” 4:16
  • “Never Surrender” 6:08
  • “Masquerade” 4:07
  • “Close To The Fire (Instrumental)” 3:47
  • “Forever One (Japanese bonus song)” 4:26


Jani Stefanovic – drum programming, guitar, keyboard
Christian Liljegren – vocals
Germán Pascual – vocals



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