Saint Deamon

Swedish/Norwegian ProgPowerMetal band founded in 2006.
The line up was completed In 2007 and the band signed with Frontiers records. Released two albums so far, “In Shadows Lost From The Brave” in 2008 and “Pandeamonium” in 2009. Played ProgPower USA in 2008.
At the moment SaintDeamon is preparing for a third album with their new drummer Oscar Nilsson and they played several gigs in Sweden this year.

In Shadows Lost From The Brave    2008

1. The Exodus (Intro)
2. My Judas
3. In Shadows Lost From The Brave
4. My Heart
5. The Burden
6. No Man’s Land
7. Ride Forever
8. Black Symphony
9. Deamons
10. The Brave Never Bleeds
11. My Sorrow
12. Run For Your Life

Pandeamonium 2009pandeamonium cover art

2.The Only One Sane
4.Eyes of the Devil
5.A Day to Come
6.Way Home
7.Fallen Angel
8.The Deamon Within
9.Oceans of Glory
10.Fear in a Fragile Mind
11.Pandeamonium (Video)  

Line Up
Jan Thore Grefstad – Vocals
Nobby Norberg – Bass
Toya Johansson – Guitars
Ronny Millianowicz – Drums

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