Edenbridge is a symphonic metal band from Austria. Established in 1998, the band has so far published seven studio albums. One of the very few metal bands with female vocals I approve of.

Toured with Angra, Axxis, Pink Cream 69, Metalium, Trail of Tears, Sirenia

played the Summer Breeze and Bloodstock Festivals

Their last two releases were enhabced by the Czech Film Orchestra. At the moment they are again working on a new release
Studio albums
Sunrise in Eden (2000)
Arcana (2001)
Aphelion (2003)
Shine (2004)
The Grand Design (2006)
MyEarthDream (2008)
Solitaire (2010)solitaire cover art
1. “Entree Unique” 1:13
2. “Solitaire” 6:15
3. “Higher” 3:50
4. “Skyline’s End” 5:32
5. “Bon Voyage Vagabond” 5:52
6. “Inward Passage” (Special Edition bonus track) 1:20
7. “Come Undone” 4:11
8. “Out of This World” 5:10
9. “Further Afield” 5:54
10. “Eternity” (Special Edition bonus track) 3:04
11. “A Virtual Dream?” 5:08
12. “Brothers on Diamir” 6:52
13. “Exit Unique”

Live albums
A Livetime in Eden (2004)
LiveEarthDream (2009)


Sabine Edelsbacher – vocals
Lanvall Lanvall – guitar, keyboards
Max Pointner – drums
Dominik Sebastian – guitar


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