Prog metal from Italy, founded in 1998 and disbanded in 2010. The band released an EP and two concept albums. Underground Symphony Records were immediately willing to pay for the recording of the debut album “Wetwired”, and the band recorded it summer of 2001 in record time, but the release was postponed and finally the rights were sold to Limb Music and the album was released 2004.

They played a lot of shows in Italy, among others as opener for Eldritch.

Altered Feelings (Demo, 1998)
Wetwired (2004)
Evol (2008)evol artwork

  1. Falling into Ataraxia
  2. Numb
  3. A Sudden Reawakening
  4. Fragile Hopes
  5. Soul Forgery
    • Tabula Rasa
    • Illusion for a New Mind
    • Failure In Reinventing Myself
  6. And then Nothing Remains…
  7. He Devoured My Dreams
  8. The Reap
  9. The Masterplan
  10. Nemesis’ End
  11. Away
Tiziano Romano – git
Alessandro Bracaloni – drums
Lisa Oliviero – bass
Valerio Voliani – vox, replaced by Titta Tani
Davide Alberti – git, replaced by Francesco Caprina
Andrea Baroni – keys

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