Finnish power metal band formed in 1999. They had their first success supporting Synergy ( a  band formed by the then Dimmu Borgir keyboard player Kimberly Goss and In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad). Their first records made a big hit in Japan, but they never played a live gig there, indeed, their first gig abroad was 2011 in Russia, and that same year a mini tour in Italy followed. A headliner tour in Russia is going to happen this Nov. They supported Stratovarius twice.

Their music is a very melodic style of power metal, in my opinion they are very underrated, maybe because they never really left Finland for touring a lot.

cover art

Beyond Reality (2002)
Ocean’s Heart (2003)
Difference (2005)
Phoenix (2008)
Epsilon (2011)

1. Firestorm
2. Angel Of Light
3. Each Time I Die
4. Where Eternal Jesters Reign
5. Fly Away
6. Reasons Revealed
7. Strangers’ Ode
8. Mortal Games
9. Lady Of A Thousand Lakes
10. March To Glory


Rami Keränen – Guitar, Vocals (1999–2002)
Petteri Rosenbom – Drums
Erkki Seppänen – Vocals
Seppo Kolehmainen – Guitar
Akseli Kaasalainen – Keyboards
Heikki Ahonen – Bass



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