Myrath – Tales Of The Sands review

Kevy Metal

My first real encounter with Tunisia’s Myrath was when they toured with Orphaned Land last year. I had heard some songs from their debut album ‘Hope’ and dismissed them as a Symphony-X clone with a Middle-Eastern touch. Was I ever wrong. As shown on ‘Tales Of The Sands’, Myrath produces a unique blend of progressive Metal and Oriental music, mostly accented by the downright fantastic Tunisian orchestra conducted by keyboard player Elyes Bouchoucha. In a musical climate where everything has already been tried, it’s hard to be blown off your feet by something completely unique. But that’s exactly where Myrath succeeds.

From the moment I started listening to Metal, something has attracted me to Middle-Eastern touches, but it wasn’t until I discovered the likes of bands from that area, such as Orphaned Land and Pentagram – the Turkish one, naturally – that it truly grew into full-fledged love. Myrath deserves…

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