Rebellion – Arminius – Furor Teutonicus Review

As big a power metal fan as I am, I have to admit I’ve never been as much into the more aggressive style that comes from Germany, even though it could be considered the origins of the genre. I love Helloween, but bands like Grave Digger are very hit and miss for me, so it’s no surprise I’ve missed out on quite a few similar bands due to not being terribly motivated to search for them. One of those is Rebellion, who I had never heard before I decided to try out their latest release “Arminius: Furor Teutonicus”, after hearing the song “Ala Germanica” and liking it. Apparently the band has gone through tough times recently, including the loss of guitarist/co-founder Uwe Lulis along with a couple other members, yet they decided to continue on with a much different line-up. I can’t speak for longtime fans, but I have to say I’m very impressed by what the band has come up with on their sixth full length album…. read more Rebellion – Arminius – Furor Teutonicus Review


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