Wardrum is a Greece power metal band founded in 2010. Drummer Stergios Kourou started it together with guitarist Kosta Vreto and bassist Kostas Scandalis to play some old school metal. Later, vocalist Piero Leporale from Italy joined in.  Straight away they started the preproduction of 10 songs and entered the studio. The debut album “Spadework” was produced by Kostas Scandalis and released by Steel Gallery Records on the 20th of April 2011.

Their music is heavy metal with power and prog thrown in, melodic and heavy, influences of Judas Priest, Dio, Sanctuary and Conception can be heard. Spadework was a good start, the band was directly rated as one of the most promising Greek bands and opened for Crimson Glory in Thessaloniki in October 2011. This was the first show and the starting point of the “Spadework Greek Tour”.
Three months later the band had to part with Piero Leporale and tried to find a local singer – Yannis Papadopoulos took over the band’s frontman position and they entered the recording studio for their second album, “Desolation” released on the 25th of April 2012, almost exactly one year after the their debut release.

The album was produced again by Kostas Scandalis and released by Steel Gallery Records.

Desolation 2012

wardurm desolation cover art
Wardrum cover art

01)    Unforgiving
02) Sign Of Treason
03)    Parental
04)    Common Ground
05)    Tide Lakes
06)    Higher Sky
07)    F.A.I.T.H.
08)    Urban Storm
09)    No Retreat
10)    Abound In Nothing
11)    Sailing Away
12)    Rainy Day



Secret Sphere

SECRET SPHERE is an Italian power metal band founded in summer 1997, by the talented guitar shredder Aldo Lonobile.

Their music is symphonic, very melodic and catchy and combines majestic arrangements and a multitude of musical influences from hard rock to progressive metal. They released six albums , and played with or supported bands like King Diamond, Gamma Ray, Edguy  and many more.

There’s not a lot of info about this band, and they kept their line up rather well through the years, changing a drummer from time to time but not much more than that. Secret Sphere can surely be considered as one of the great bands out of  Italy together with Labyrinth, Vision Divine and Rhapsody.

Their first singer Roberto “Ramon” Messina, also known for his work with Alkemyst, Avatar, Highlord and Hemisphere was replaced by Michele Luppi – formerly of Vision Divine and Thaurorod.

Between Story and Legend Demo – 1998
Mistress of the Shadowlight – 1999
A Time Never Come – 2001
Scent of Human Desire – 2003
Heart & Anger – 2005
Sweet Blood Theory – 2008
Archetype – 2010

“Portrait Of A Dying Heart” the new album already featuring Michele Luppi has been acclaimed all over the world as one the best melodic metal releases of the year

Portrait of a Dying Heart – 2012

Cover Art
Secret Sphere Portrait Of A Dying Heart

1. Portrait of a Dying Heart
2. X
3. Wish & Steadiness
4. Union 04:12
5. The Fall
6. Healing
7. Lie to Me
8. Secrets Fear
9. The Rising of Love
10. Eternity
11. Legend (Japan edition bonus track)

Current Line Up:
Michele Luppi – Vocals
Aldo Lonobile – All guitars
Andrea Buratto – Bass
Marco Pastorino – Rhythm guitars
Gabriele Ciaccia – Keyboards and piano
Federico Pennazzato – Drums

Sonata Arctica announce UK tour for April 2013

Valkyrian Music

Finnish power metal quintet Sonata Arctica have announced some long-awaited UK dates in support of their 7th studio release ‘Stones Grow Her Name’. Mixing hard work with a good dose of both unique talent and pioneering innovation, Sonata Arctica have seen every album they have released to date going Gold in Finland as well as building a rabid UK fanbase.

Nearly two years have passed since Sonata Arctica headlined the UK, so we are extremely excited to announce their return in April 2013, bringing their ‘Stones Grow Her Name’ album, released last May, to the UK.

Henrik Klingenberg (Keyboard / Vocals) comments;

“It’s been about two years since we last hit the UK and I’m very excited to announce that we’ll be back in April. Looking forward to having a couple of nice ciders in the pubs as well as kicking some serious ass. It will once again be legendary….see…

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Avantasia release the first samples of ‘The Mystery Of Time’ online & announce new tour

Valkyrian Music

The German power metal super-group Avantasia, fronted by Tobias Sammet, vocalist of one of Germany’s internationally acclaimed bands Edguy, are set to release a brand new studio album – their first in three years. Entitled ‘The Mystery of Time’, the opus will be available from early April 2013 on CD and vinyl via Nuclear Blast Records.

The singer comments:

“Hey friends, as you know I am currently working on a new Avantasia album. It’s a lot of work, but I am so proud of what we are creating right now – it’s amazing stuff. Of course, Michael Kiske (Unisonic, ex-Helloween), is on board again! I bet you expected this, you can hear him loud and clear, and he is still the number one vocalist in that range – unbelievable! But, what is really new: For the first time in the history of Avantasia, we’re working with a…

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