Chicago Metal Head


Aeon Zen – Enigma







Progressive Metal

Label: Nightmare Records

For fans of: Dream Theater, Circus Maximus and Devin Townsend

Progressive metal through the years has become an interesting genre. You have those bands who have essentially become Dream Theater worship and then you have those bands who are actually progressive, pushing new ideas such as Devin Townsend, Ihsahn and Sigh just to name a few. UK prog metal band Aeon Zen as much as they try, is of the former as they incorporate many of the features of Dream Theater such as tempo changes, contrasts between heavy and light with excellent musicianship. While they do attempt to change things up and make things different, their most recent album “Enigma,” evidently shows the long list of their influences.

“Enigma” kickstarts with an instrumental, which essentially sounds like the a-typical Dream Theater clone of subtle…

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