Disforia is a progressive metal band from Utah, USA formed in the winter of 2007.

Our Time defined by Disforia album art

Our Time Defined 2011

1. Children of the Stars
2. Distraction
3. Our Time Defined
4. Of Wolves and Men
5. Awakening
6. My Sacrifice

Disforia combines many modern and classic influences, is very meldoic and has some prog rock influences that make itself clearly felt. Nonetheless this is a powerful band that you should take note of.

They released their debut album “Our Time Defined” in 2011 and you can download it for free or a donation of your choice at the band’s bandcamp: http://disforia.bandcamp.com

At the moment the band are working on their follow up album and are throwing in a gig from time to time, quite recently they supportetd Sabaton.

Disforia is:

John Yelland – Vocals
Austin Bentley – Keyboards
Chad Anderson – Guitars
Casey Frederick – Drums
Robby Pinelle – Bass Guitars



Damnation Angels

Damnation Angels are a symphonic powermetal band from the UK formed in 2006.

They kicked off doing quite well and playing gigs with bands such as Sabaton.

In 2009 they started recording the EP Shadow Symphony with producer Scott Atkins (Sylosis, Cradle Of Filth). The CD was praised rather high, comparing the band to  Avantasia and Blind Guardian, maybe also because the UK is not too famous for this style of metal.

The band then signed with Radtone Music (Japan) and released their debut album in Japan on March 7th 2012 with the rest of the world to follow. The album was entitled Bringer Of Light with artwork from Jan Yrlund and production from Scott Atkins.

After selling well in Japan the band signed a multi album deal with Massacre Records (Germany) and Bringer Of Light was  released worldwide in February 2013. They’re also scheduled to make their debut appearance in USA at ProgPower September 6th 2013.

You might also check out their singer PelleK’s solo album, Bag Of Tricks, that was produced by Tommy of ReinXeed and released in 2012, featuring a flog of guest vocalists (Amanda Sommerville of Soulspell, Tommy Karevik of Seventh Wonder and Kamelot, Oliver Hartmann of At Vance and Avantasia).

As you may know PelleK was “discovered” through the Norwegian version of American Idol

Bringer Of Light  2012,  2013

Damnation Angels Bringer Of Light cover art

1. Ad Finem
2. The Longest Day of My Life
3. Reborn
4. I Hope
5. Acerbus Inceptum (Pt. I)
6. Someone Else (Pt. II)
7. Bringer of Light (Pt. III)
8. Shadow Symphony (Pt. IV)
9. No Leaf Clover (Metallica cover)
10. Pride (The Warrior’s Way)

Damnation Angels are

Will Graney – Guitars, orchestration, backing vocals
PelleK – Vocals
Stephen Averill – Bass
John Graney – Drums
Dawn Trigg – Keyboards


Serenity release video for Wings of Madness, new album out now

Valkyrian Music

Austrian symphonic metallers, Serenity, have released the video for Wings of Madness, the single which is taken from their new album War of Ages. The video can be viewed below.

War of Ages was released earlier this month through Napalm Records.


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Support Keldian’s new album!

Keldian is a two man project from Norway who have put out two extremely cool albums of what they call sci-fi metal.

Also see my previous post here. 

At the moment Keldian are working on their next release and have chosen to go crowdfunding. Since they have no label, management or financing behind them, and since they used to give away their music for free, they asked their fans to help them fund the next release. So far this has been a success as you can see here!

If you also want to be a part of it, head over now and help them cover their cost, and put some money in their pocket for food, drink and all the rest of it. The band really deserve it!

A little background on crowdfunding: Kickstarter is the best known platform for crowdfunding, even more so since Amanda Palmer (Ex- Dresden Dolls) and Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) used it for funding their next solo albums. Palmer exceeded all expectations (most of all her own I guess) by raising over a million dollars.

While Kickstarter is only open to musicians from the US and the UK, indiegogo and musicraiser are two examples of platforms for international artists.

Crowdfunding is simple and effective: Friends, fans and even total strangers buy a “perk”, thus funding the artists before they start producing. Usually perks are downloads, CDs, T-Shirts and specials like meet-and-greets, livingroom gigs or mentions in the CD liner notes.

I hope I got you interested, check out some of the projects up for funding! This is a very personal and special way to buy music.


Silent Lapse

Quite recently I loaded my car stereo with a USB drive containing loads of music I had downloaded or that had been submitted to me, most of it not tagged properly, so half the time I wasn’t sure what I was listening to. But these guys have created some music that sticks. Melodies kept popping into my head, riffs and licks took my fancy. In the end I went out and started looking for the name of the band – voila, Silent Lapse. Melodies, instruments,  vocals, production all work together to make this an outstanding piece of music.

Silent Lapse is a melodic progressive metal band from USA. It was formed in 2007 just to play a one-off festival gig dubbed “Arkfest” in their home town of Westphalia, Michigan. They played Arkfest in August of 2007 performing covers, ranging from Breaking Benjamin to Dream Theater and Joe Satriani.

After the success of Arkfest, the four decided they would continue on to pursue creating an album based on the original music two of them had been working on for two years prior.

Their first album “Birthright” was completed within two years of the full band writing and rehearsing together. Mixing and mastering was done by Jens Bogren (of Opeth and Katatonia fame). The album was met with widespread praise, and the band played many shows supporting it. The band chose to go the Radiohead way and gave (and still are giving) away the album download for free, selling physical copies from 2,63$ up thus creating quite a number of enthusiastic fans. Go on, download the album now!

In 2011 a music video for “The Wake” from their debut album was released.
In 2012 the band have been touring and also started recording their second album.

Birthright is a concept album, you can download the lyrics from the band’s home page.Silent Lapse Birthright cover art


  1. A New Melody
  2. Beyond The Gardens
  3. Reach
  4. Final Error
  5. The Wake
  6. Solitude
  7. Deliberation
  8. Seed Of Hope
  9. Birthright

Line Up:

Mitchell Feldpausch – Guitar
Taylor Feldpausch – Drums
Scott Martin – Vocals/Keys
Matt Schrauben – Bass
Wyatt Aldrich – Guitar