Eclipse Prophecy

The brainchild of David Mc Gregor (lead vocals, and guitars), Montreal, Canada based Eclipse Prophecy were formed in 2003, and went through a number of band member changes including keyboardist Frederik Dufresne, only to settle on their current line-up in 2010. Their new line-up that performed on “Days of Judgment” includes David Mc Gregor, brothers Martin Machado on lead guitar, Karlos Machado on bass guitar, and Landryx (Unexpect) on drums.

So far they have performed as support act for many reknown bands such as Epica, Pagan’s Mind, Stratovarius, Gamma Ray, Sabaton and more.
In 2011, they recorded a remake version of “The Bard’s Song – In The Forest”, with the power metal veterans Blind Guardian.

In late 2012, the band inked a deal with Maple Metal Records for the worldwide release of their first full length album “Days Of Judgement” released in 2013.

The music can be described a speed power metal with Iced-Earth-like vocals, heavy, fast and melodic. The drums batter like a machine with no variety, the guitars are fast and not too dominant, there are sprinklings of synths and piano, but mostly in the fore are vocals and the unrelenting double-kick.

David Mc Gregor – Vocals / Guitars
Martin Machado – Lead Guitars
Karlos Machado – Bass Guitars
Landryx – Drums
cover art

Days Of Judgement 2013
1. Animus Ara
2. Under Shadow’s Veil
3. Through the Storm
4. Circle of Torments
5. A Dying World
6. Labyrinth of Sanity
7. Days of Judgement
8. Legions of the Cross
9. Inferno
10. The Shattered Mirror


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