Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins – “Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins”

A review by Progressive Music Planet

Progressive Music Planet

Mike LePond's Silent AssassinsMany artists have preserved their sanity with side projects. Symphony X is a band with a few side projects from its members. Most notable being Russell Allen’s involvement with Adrenaline Mob, which I really dislike. Fortunately, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins are nothing like Adrenaline Mob obviously. This project gives the bassist free reign and he takes full advantage.

Musically (and even lyrically), it isn’t THAT far from Symphony X at times. That being said, Mike LePond’s Silent Assassins do things that Symphony X do not do or haven’t done for a while. The self-titled album feels like Symphony X meets Overkill at an Iron Maiden concert.

Mike plays rhythm guitar in addition to bass and wrote the entire record. Watchtower vocalist Alan Tecchio gives an amazing performance and channels Bruce Dickinson now and then. But Mike LePond’s bass always leads the way. Whether it’s an intro to a track or…

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