Kerion have already done it … new album out

Kerion present new album “CloudRiders Part II : Technowars” on Oct 30th !!

More on Kerion here and here.

But now just relax, sit back and LISTEN


Cloudscape reveal first single

Cloudscape are also at it again. I found the first single from the upcoming album.

Release date is set for Jan 2016. I am looking forward to this. Cloudscape is one of the bands I like the most

Hibria – Hibria – Power Prog Records

Dark Souls United

New Powerful attack from the Brazilian Power Metal Powerhouse!


Power Metal maniacs Hibria are back with their fifth self-titled album with pure adrenaline Heavy Metal for defenders of the faith.

I still remember when I heard the fury of their album Defying the Rules played with violence and gusto. I got the Cd and it was a non-stop success here in my town.

11 years later they show that they are still with the same energy with extreme soloings and the bigger- than-life vocals of Iuri Sanson. This is not a drill and fans of this kind of music will reach the sonic orgasm by hearing the opener Pain with melodic yet destructive vocals and production. As a matter of fact the whole thing is so HEAVY that sometimes one forgets that he’s listening to a Brazilian Power Metal band. Forget Angra, this is tenfold more violent and…

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Tellus Requiem at it again? Seems there’s a new album in the make

Remember Tellus Requiem? Their first selftitled album was really really awesome, although it was self released, still is one of my favs.

Invictus the 11th hour was released by Nightmare and is also great, but has new vocalist who is not half original and sounds really POLISHED.

And now here seems to be the follow up coming.