Tad Morose – Revenant review

Tad Morose was formed back in 1991 and has so far released 8 studio albums, the first one exactly twenty years ago, the last but one ten years ago and the last one right now, after a decade of silence, not unlike Fates Warning. They toured and played festival stages on both sides of the Atlantic, Wacken Open Air (D), Sweden Rock Festival and Prog Power Festival (US) to name a few before they disappeared. Unlike Fates Warning, everyone thought Tad Morose were ‘dead’ and would never come back to life again. But now with 3 new bandmembers and their long awaited new album Revenant they are back again. Let’s see what the album brings!

Leaving The Past Behind 1993
Sender Of Thoughts 1996
Paradigma 1996
A Mended Rhyme 1997
Undead 2000
Reflections  (“Best of”) 2000
Matters Of The Dark 2002
Modus Vivendi 2003

Revenant 2013

1. Beneath a Veil of Crying Souls
2. Follow
3. Babylon
4. Within a Dream
5. Ares
6. Absence of Light
7. Death Embrace
8. Dance of the Damned
9. Spirit World
10. Timeless Dreaming
11. Millenium Lie
12. Gypsy



Nightwish live in Vienna

I’m not the biggest Nightwish fan but when I get a chance to see them live I take it. Because …


They have just about the most awesome stage show around.


Of the whole set I actually knew only a few songs, I gather they played a good mix of new songs, songs from Imaginaerum and a few older ones. When they played Stargazer my beloved Nightwish was there!


The lightshow and the visuals were just amazing, and of course pyro must not be missing.


Floor is a great addition to the band, almost as good as Tarja in my opinion.