This blog can also be found at powerprogmetal.com (I am just moving there from my former site, will take a while till it’s up to date 🙂 )

The name is program. I love power and progressive metal and spend a lot of time always discovering new, well known and most obscure bands and releases.

Read & listen here: Symphony X, Theocracy, Kamelot, these bands are the essence of what I am on about.

I decided to make a blog to collect my exploits and to make it easy for you to browse and discover great bands. Please feel free to comment if you find error or have additional information

Some of what I post here will be outside the strict borders of powermetal or progressive metal, in the end, I post what I like or what I hate and I think most of what I like will be progressive power metal anyway so this seemed the most appropriate name for the blog

I’ll try to always provide links to youtube playlists, videos, band pages or anywhere you can at once check out the music.

Submission guidelines:
if you are in a band or if you know of a band that belongs in here, please send me an email to
office (at) digitalartrecords (dot) com
Please don’t send any demos!! I want my readers to enjoy your music. A demo is something you should send to a producer, who might or might not then find a way to make the music into something great. There’s nothing I hate more than shitty sound, no matter if it is a shitty compressed mp3 file, a shitty production, a shitty recording or a good demo, that is after all only a demo. If your sound/production/technical abilities are not good enough to make your music saleable to the public I will not feature it. And the only judge for that is me. I am a recording engeneer, and I have my standards.

Please send:
1. Short description
2. Streaming link or download link (I prefer listening to a whole album rather than just to a few songs, I will not download your music unless there’s no other way)
3. Youtube links: as I want to make it easy for my readers to check out the band’s music at once I always embed some videos from youtube. If you don’t have any, soundcloud player or reverbnation widget is ok too
3. contact info: email is important, homepage, youtube and twitter – I will notify you per mail & twitter once the post is up

Thank you very much!

If you want to send a CD, please send it to my co-writer, Heidi, who loves CDs and loves vinyl even more:

Heidi Bobal

Room 66 OG

Tenschertstrasse 12

A-1230 Wien



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