Warmen – Japanese Hospitality

Warmen is a progressive metal band featuring guest vocalists.

Just before the finishing of the new album I delved into the last release, Japanese Hospitality (2009)

cover art

01 Japanese Hospitality
02 Eye Of The Storm
03 Goodbye
04 My Fallen Angel
05 Don’t Bring Her Here
06 High Heels On Cobblestone
07 Switcharoo
08 Black Cat (Janet Jackson cover)
09 Unconditional Confession
10 Separate Ways (Journey cover)

The first and title track is an instrumental and had me going wow, gimme more. Because there’s no doubt that these instrumentalists know what they are doing. Mind you, founder of this group is Children Of Bodom keyboardist Janne Viljami ‘Warman’ Wirman, born in Finland, who also played on the first Masterplan album.

But then … (citation from their homepage): ‘It’s a side project, yes, but it’s not just Janne Warman who shines here … completing the cast of characters are the varying voices … featuring Stratovarius vocalist Timo Kotipelto, Children Of Bodom screamer Alexi Laiho, raspy rock voice of ex-Thunderstone Pasi Rantanen, the resonant, progressive approach of ex-Tunnelvision Marko Waara and finally, to give the album the much-needed feminine touch, long-time friend Jonna K. … ‘

Please, oh please someone tell me why a feminine touch is much needed? I never heard of this Joanna K. before and her and also Marko Waara’s contributions made listening to the rest of the album a torture. Why does a heavy progressive band like that invite a pop-rock singer to croon lines like ‘I can still smell your skin – Run my fingers through your hair – Hear your laugh And I cry – Don’t know Why he told a lie – So I couldn’t say goodbye – Don’t know why you made him lie – Why you didn’t say goodbye?’ (Track 3 – Goodbye) after mainstream radio fashion, adding appalingly banal vocal melodies delivered in an infantile vocal performance ? Vocals I can do without. OMG

‘Don’t Bring Her Here’ is slightly better, but still not good; while the Janet Jackson cover ‘Black Cat’ just leaves a big question mark in my mind, why touch this at all, why do it that way, why release it? it’s just another 4 and a half minute torture; Unconditional Confession sung by Waara leaves me with an impression of out of tune vocals and a failed composition. The screaming vocals on ‘High Heels On Cobblestone’, Alexi Laiho’s contribution probably are ok, they go with the music, but personally again, I could do without them.

‘Eye Of The Storm’ featuring Timo Kotipelto and ‘Fallen Angel’ featuring Pasi Rantanen are much more to my liking, and though the material is in no way different from what hundreds other bands are doing at least these tracks come near to being enjoyable.

The really high moments on this album are the instrumental parts when the musicians let rip, and these are too scarce and far between. All in all, a weak album, disappointing expectations got high by instrumentals with mediocre to really bad vocals.

BTW, the band released a cover version of ‘Easy Lover’ on youtube, sounds like they just added guitars and new vocals to the original track, again I ask myself why, oh why?


Janne Warman (Children Of Bodom) – keyboards
Antti Warman (The Scourger) – guitars
Mirka Rantanen (Thunderstone) – drums
Jyri Helko (For The Imperium) – bass



Silent Lapse

Quite recently I loaded my car stereo with a USB drive containing loads of music I had downloaded or that had been submitted to me, most of it not tagged properly, so half the time I wasn’t sure what I was listening to. But these guys have created some music that sticks. Melodies kept popping into my head, riffs and licks took my fancy. In the end I went out and started looking for the name of the band – voila, Silent Lapse. Melodies, instruments,  vocals, production all work together to make this an outstanding piece of music.

Silent Lapse is a melodic progressive metal band from USA. It was formed in 2007 just to play a one-off festival gig dubbed “Arkfest” in their home town of Westphalia, Michigan. They played Arkfest in August of 2007 performing covers, ranging from Breaking Benjamin to Dream Theater and Joe Satriani.

After the success of Arkfest, the four decided they would continue on to pursue creating an album based on the original music two of them had been working on for two years prior.

Their first album “Birthright” was completed within two years of the full band writing and rehearsing together. Mixing and mastering was done by Jens Bogren (of Opeth and Katatonia fame). The album was met with widespread praise, and the band played many shows supporting it. The band chose to go the Radiohead way and gave (and still are giving) away the album download for free, selling physical copies from 2,63$ up thus creating quite a number of enthusiastic fans. Go on, download the album now!

In 2011 a music video for “The Wake” from their debut album was released.
In 2012 the band have been touring and also started recording their second album.

Birthright is a concept album, you can download the lyrics from the band’s home page.Silent Lapse Birthright cover art


  1. A New Melody
  2. Beyond The Gardens
  3. Reach
  4. Final Error
  5. The Wake
  6. Solitude
  7. Deliberation
  8. Seed Of Hope
  9. Birthright

Line Up:

Mitchell Feldpausch – Guitar
Taylor Feldpausch – Drums
Scott Martin – Vocals/Keys
Matt Schrauben – Bass
Wyatt Aldrich – Guitar


Red Circuit

Red Circuit is a progressive metal (super)group from Germany.
It features members and guest musicians from VandenPlas, Adagio, Firewind and Elegy. The band’s debut album, Trance State, was released February 24, 2006 via LMP Records. According to the band, the album’s lyrics were inspired by a volume of poetry by Klaus Kinski. The second album, Homeland was released in 2009. In 2011 they played ProgPower USA.

In August 2012 the band updated that the pre-production for a new album was almost done, so there should be some release date up soon.


Chitral “Chity” Somapala – Lead vocals (ex-Firewind, Civilization One, Rekuiem, Power Quest)
Markus Teske – Keyboards
Christian Moser – Guitars
Tommy Schmitt – Bass
Michael Stein – Drums

Former members
Stephan Lill – Guitars (Vanden Plas, Missa Mercuria, Ian Parry)
Patrick Rondat (Elegy, Jean Michel Jarre, The Element, Furioso)
Stephan Forté (Adagio, Lightning Sword)
Oliver Noerdlinger
Frank Bodenheimer

Trance State (2006)
cover art

Homeland (2009)

01. Homeland
02. The World Forgotten Sons
03. Sun Of Utopia
04. Through The Eyes Of A Child
05. Absinth
06. Fall In The Skies
07. Healing Waters
08. Canonize Your Sins
09. See The Light
10. You Can Sleep While You’re Dead



Pathosray is an Italian progressive metal band founded in 2000, originally called N.D.E., by Ivan Monibidin (drums), Luca Luison (guitars), and Marco Sandron (vocals).

Their first demo, Strange Kind of Energy, was released in 2002 under their new name, Pathosray.

In 2006, the band’s line-up changed; with Fabio D’Amore on bass and Gianpaolo Rinaldi on keyboards, the band published their second demo, Deathless Crescendo.

Their self-titled debut album, Pathosray, was picked up by Intromental Management in Denmark. This led to a deal with the American-based record company Sensory Records, which released the album during the last quarter of 2007.

Review on Allmusic: “This album is firmly, stubbornly planted in a pre-’90s, pre-Nevermind aesthetic; from the shiny, glossy guitar solos to the keyboards (which clearly say ’70s and ’80s rather than ’90s or 2000s) to the fantasy-based lyrics, Pathosray are caught in a stylistic time warp and make no apology for it. Some will say that tracks like “The Sad Game,” “Scent of Snow,” “Faded Crystals,” and “Emerald City” sound dated, but dated isn’t necessarily a bad thing; Pathosray, in fact, wear it like a badge of honor, and their ’70s and ’80s worship is never the least bit ironic on this generally decent, if less than distinctive, contribution to prog metal.”

They played ProgPower USA and Progpower EU in 2008. 

In May 2009, they released their second album, Sunless Skies. 2010 a new guitarplayer was announced and work started on a new album. Fabio D’Amore joined the Austrian power metal band Serenity that same year though. After that it grew very quiet, no news about the band and indeed I am not sure if they are still active.


Strange Kind of Energy (2002)
Deathly Crescendo (2006)
Pathosray (2007)
Sunless Skies (2009)

1. Crown Of Thorns
2. Behind The Shadows
3. Aurora
4. Quantic Enigma
5. In Your Arms
6. Sons Of The Sunless Sky
7. The Coldest Lullaby
8. Perpetual Eclipse (Interludium)
9. Poltergeis
10. For The Last Time – 2009 version (bonus track Europe/USA)
11. Rainfall (bonus track Japan)

last known line up

Ivan Moni Bidin – drums
Fabio D’Amore – bass
Marco Sandron – vocals
Gianpaolo Rinaldi – keboards
Antonio Petris – guitar 


Futures End

Progressive power metal from California. Futures End was formed by guitarists Christian Wentz and Marc Pattison in 2007. They were looking to draw upon their influences and create something challenging and exciting. Fred Marshall (Zero Hour) was the obvious choice as a singer, Steve DiGiorgio and drummer Jon Allen (Testament, Sadus) came on board to complete the line-up.

Released one album so far in 2009  ‘Memoirs of a Broken Man’ (Nightmare Records) with guest vocals by Lance King (Pyramaze, Balance of Power) and Lucho Silva (Magistral).

Futures End played their very first live show opening the Prog Power USA festival at it’s 10th anniversary in Atlanta Georgia. Also supported Symphony X in Houston.

Memoirs of a Broken Man 2009

(reprinted 2010 with different cover art) cover art


1. Relentless Chaos
2. Inner Self
3. Endless Journey
4. Your Decay
5. Beyond Despair
6. Share the Blame
7. Forsaken
8. Stand to Fall
9. Terrors of War
10. Remembering Tomorrow
11. Powerslave (Iron Maiden cover, First edition- hidden Bonus Track)

Fred Marshall Lead Vocals

Marc Pattison Lead Guitars, Keyboard Programming, Sequencing

Christian David Wentz Lead Guitars, Piano, Keyboards

Steve DiGiorgio Bass

Jon Allen Drums