Third Eye from Denmark, kick ass seriously

Sometimes it really pays off to check out “The Other Band” … recently I checked out the band that Anubis Gate guitarist Michael Bodin played in before joining (and is still playing in)

Third Eye is a melodic prog power act got me hooked immediately with their strong vocals and the almost humoristic way of playing. It seemed their music was saying to me, don’t take anything too seriously mate!

I saw that they are working on a new album. The one I am listening to right now dates back to 2010, I am looking forward to hearing more and more and more …

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7 Days

7 Days is a christian progressive metal supergroup or studio project that released two albums so far.

Names read like a who-is-who of the Scandinavian metal scene:

Markus Sigfridsson (Darkwater, Harmony) the musical ‘mastermind’ behind the band on Keys and Guitars. Thomas Vikström (Therion, Candlemass, Tommy Vitali), Christian Rivel (Audiovision, DivinefireGolden Resurrection, Narnia) and Erik Tordsson (End of September, Crimson Moonlight) on voclas. Andreas Olsson aka Andreas Passmark on bass (Royal Hunt, Narnia, Rob Rock, Divinefire, Harmony). Daniel Flores on drums (Mind’s Eye, Evil Masquerade, Secret Sphere). Kaspar Dahlqvist on Keyboards (Ilium, Treasure Land, Stormwind, Dionysus, Ride the Sky) and Caroline Sigfridsson Vocals (female).


The Weight of the World 2006

Into Forever 2010cover art

1. Through Dark And Light
2. Into Forever
3. The Innocence In Me
4. You Hold The Key
5. Enter A Dream
6. Crossing
7. We Cry No More
8. Under The Sun
9. Scattered Mind
10. Final Wisdom
11. What Matters


X-Piral is a Greek power metal band with a very heavy sound, formed in Athens 2000.
After a first demo they were disappointed from the recording attempt and split up again.

A second attempt was made under the name Shadow Play. Michael Apostolakisas as vocalist made the band take off.
The band gave some live shows for a couple of months, and 2003 recordings started. They took a while, due to line-up changes and a band member leaving for a half year student exchange program.  By the time everything was finished it was discovered that another band had copyrighted the name Shadow Play and the band name changed to X-Piral.
In February 2005 debut album Poison Eyes was finally released. In 2007 Hunter was released. Very soon fterwards X-Piral replaced their vocalist Michael Apostolakis with Tassos K.
2010 they released the 5 track EP Grave New World.

Since then they have been playing some gigs, but never really managed to take a step outside of Greece.

1. Grave New Worldcover art

2. One Piece Of Paradise

3. Shatters In The Wind

4. Regression

5. One For All Kind

Band Members :

Tassos K: Vocals
Nick Papanikolaou : Lead Guitars
Dimitris Marinis : Synth & Piano
Makis Petritsis : Bass Guitar
Fragiskos Samoilis : Drums & Percussion


Italian band Stamina is the brainchild of guitarist and songwriter Luca Sellitto.  Melodic to progressive metal, hard-rock and fusion. They recorded the first unofficial demo ”The demo songs” in 2003, and the second one ”Here to stay” in July 2004. Both gained them respect, so 2007 saw the release of ”Permanent Damage”.  2008 they played Rock in Flames festival in Salerno supporting Fabio Lione’s band (Labyrinth, Rhapsody, Vision Divine).

In October 2009 the band entered the studio to record the second album “Two of a kind”.
Danish singers Henrik Brockmann (Royal Hunt, Evil Masquerade) and Kenny Lubcke (Narita, Andrè Andersen, studio backing vocalist of Royal Hunt) took part on some tracks as very special guests. The album was released 2010.
In April/May 2012 Stamina embarked on their first European tour, consisting of 9 shows in 5 different Countries: Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Spain and Italy.
During the second leg of the tour Stamina had the honour to be the opening act for ROYAL HUNT in occasion of their 20th anniversary world tour. Now they are working on their next release.

Two of a kind  2010


1 – Intro
2 – Eyes Of The Warrior
3 – Burn your Fears
4 – Too Tired To Live
5 – Power Of Love
6 – Supremacy
7 –  Maker Of The Universe
8 – Mystery
9 – Black Moon
10 – Heart Of The World
11 –  Maker Of The Universe (bonus feat.Kenny Lubcke)
12 – Too Tired To Live (bonus feat. Kenny Lubcke)
13 – When The Feeling Is Real (demo) – exclusive bonustrack  for ice warrior records


Giorgio Adamo – lead vocals
Luca Sellitto – guitars
Andrea Barone – keyboards
Roberto Chiumiento – bass

Creation’s End

Creation’s End is the vision of New York City’s Rudolph Albert (guitar – ex-Zandelle) and Dario Rodriguez (drums).

Rudy  met John Macaluso (drummer of James LaBrie Band, Fool’s Game, ex-Ark, ex-TNT, ex-Yngwie Malsteen) and hired him as producer for their first studio album. They were joined by Mike Dimeo, (ex-Masterplan, ex-Riot), Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie Band), and Joe Black (Chris Caffery, ex-Zandelle).

In Summer of 2010 the band decided to have world known engineer Neil Kernon (Queensryche, Yes, Nile, Cannibal Corpse etc) mix the album, that was released in 2010:  melodic, touches of prog, a strong sense of groove, and brutally heavy and dark. A US tour, including a date at ProgPower USA, took place in August and September of 2011.

In May 2012 the band announced they had started work on the next album.

A New Beginningcover art

1) Of Shadow And Flame
2) World Holocaust
3) Hollow
4) Dissociate
5) Still Life
6) Forsaken
7) Relic
8) Creation’s End

– Line Up –

Mike DiMeo – vocals
Rudy Albert – guitars/keyboards
Marco Sfogli – guitars
Joe Black – bass
Dario Rodriguez – drums


Labyrinth (also known as Labÿrinth) is a power metal band formed in 1991 in Italy, last heard of 2011 after their tour with Sonata Arctica. Next to Rhapsody Of Fire they could well be the best known and most successful Italian band ever.

When they started off the band members all used English pseudonyms, thus maybe confusing people who look for that guitarist or that singer 🙂

During their long band history they toured Europe, South America, Taiwan, China, Hongkong and Japan, played Wacken, Gods Of Metal, Växjö Metal III, Evolution, Agglutination Metal in Italy and other festivals.

Among the bands they played with are Black Sabbath, Pantera, Helloween, Blind Guardian,  HammerFall,  Primal Fear, Heimdall, Vision Divine, Nocturnal Rites, Iron Savior, Domine, White Skull, Skylark, Novembre, Vader, Virgin Steele, Elvenking, Dream Evil, Angra, Pagan’s Mind and Jorn.

Their style is close to speed metal, very melodic though, mighty powerful vocals and synths. Of course they underwent a lot of line-up changes and so their output also varies in style, but with their latest or more likely last release they have rounded the circle back to their power-speed beginnings.

Demo / EP

Midnight Resistance (EP) (1994)
Piece of Time (EP) (1995)
Timeless Crime (EP) (1999)


No Limits (1996)
Return to Heaven Denied (1998)
Sons of Thunder (2000)
Labyrinth (2003)
Freeman (2005)
6 Days to Nowhere (2007)
Return to Heaven Denied Pt. II: “A Midnight Autumn’s Dream” (2010)cover art

  1. The Shooting Star
  2. A Chance
  3. Like Shadows In The Dark
  4. Princess Of The Night
  5. Sailors Of Time
  6. To Where We Belong
  7. A Midnight Autumn’s Dream
  8. The Morning’s Call
  9. In This Void
  10. A Painting On The Wall

last line-up

Roberto Tiranti (Rob Tyrant) – Vocals, Bass Guitar
Andrea Cantarelli (Anders Rain) – Guitar
Carlo Andrea Magnani (Olaf Thorsen) – Guitar
Andrea De Paoli (Andrew McPauls) – Keyboard
Alessandro Bissa – Drums
Sergio Pagnacco – Bass

Former Members

Fabio Tordiglione (Fabio Lione) – Lead Vocals (1991–1996) – later frontman of Rhapsody Of Fire
Andrea Bartoletti – Bass (1991–1994)
Pier Gonella – Guitar (2003–2009)
Cristiano Bertocchi(Chris Breeze) – Bass (1995–2006)
Franco Rubulotta (Frank Andiver) – Drums (1991–1996)
Luca Contini (Ken Taylor) – Keyboard(1991–1996)
Morby – Vocals (1998–1999)
Mattia Stancioiu (Mat Stancioiu) – Drums (1997–2010)


Progressive power metal from Austria. Formed in 2003 they have only released one album so far, Inhuman Nature, 2010.

Very symphonic,  this album features epic tunes and vocals, weird synth solos and power riffs.
1. INTO THE ABYSS (INTRO)cover art

Thomas Strübler – vocals
Robert Schönleitner – guitar
Sebastian Lanser – drums
Aleksandar Vešic – bass
Saso Gacnik – keyboards