Tad Morose – Revenant review

Tad Morose was formed back in 1991 and has so far released 8 studio albums, the first one exactly twenty years ago, the last but one ten years ago and the last one right now, after a decade of silence, not unlike Fates Warning. They toured and played festival stages on both sides of the Atlantic, Wacken Open Air (D), Sweden Rock Festival and Prog Power Festival (US) to name a few before they disappeared. Unlike Fates Warning, everyone thought Tad Morose were ‘dead’ and would never come back to life again. But now with 3 new bandmembers and their long awaited new album Revenant they are back again. Let’s see what the album brings!

Leaving The Past Behind 1993
Sender Of Thoughts 1996
Paradigma 1996
A Mended Rhyme 1997
Undead 2000
Reflections  (“Best of”) 2000
Matters Of The Dark 2002
Modus Vivendi 2003

Revenant 2013

1. Beneath a Veil of Crying Souls
2. Follow
3. Babylon
4. Within a Dream
5. Ares
6. Absence of Light
7. Death Embrace
8. Dance of the Damned
9. Spirit World
10. Timeless Dreaming
11. Millenium Lie
12. Gypsy



Royal Hunt – A Life to Die For CD prelistening party!

Soundfiles of the upcoming Royal Hunt album ‘A Life To Die For’ are available for streaming here: Royal Hunt – A Life to Die For CD

Sounds good to me! Have fun guys

Fates Warning: Two songs from the upcoming release


Darkness In A Different Light, 11th studio album and the first in nine years is going to be released via Inside Out at the 1st of October




1. One Thousand Fires
2. Firefly
3. Desire
4. Falling
5. I Am
6. Lighthouse
7. Into The Black
8. Kneel And Obey
9. O Chloroform
10. And Yet It Moves

Thought Chamber present first song from new album

The Prog Magazine was chosen to present Transcend, a nine-minute epic song from the new upcoming Thought Chamber album Psykerion. Hear it below.

Vocalist Ted Leonard, now with Spock’s Beard, has reunited with multi-instrumentalist Michael Harris for the long-awaited follow-up to debut album Angular Perceptions. They’re joined by bassist Jeff Plant, keyboardist Bill Jenkins and drummer Mike Haid on the 16-track title.

Harris tells Prog Magazine: “Transcend kind of epitomises what Thought Chamber does: lots of melody, while getting our chops in, and we exploit a lot of styles in it, from metal to acoustic to fusion.”

He says of the lyrics: “Avakus’ mind has been awakened and inspired by his voyage to Psykerion, and he gets philosophical about what makes humans tick, from instinct to ego to the drive to succeed.”

Psykerion is released on September 16 via InsideOut.


01.    Inceptus
02.    Exodus
03.    Psykerion: The Question
04.    In The Words of Avakus
05.    Light Year Time
06.    Kerakryps
07.    The Black Hole Lounge
08.    Circuits of ODD
09.    Behind the Eyes of Ikk
10.    Isle of Bizen
11.    Xyrethius II
12.    Recoil
13.    Breath of Life
14.    Transcend
15.    Planet Qwinkle
16.    Inner Peace

Source: http://www.progrockmag.com/news/thought-chamber-premiere-transcend/?utm_source=G%2FS%2FA&utm_campaign=0cc5ed9576-Pirate_Smile_DEVIN+TOWNSEND+PROJECT&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_fc664ea316-0cc5ed9576-57311037