Ad Astra

Ad Astra is progressive metal from Hungary. The band was formed around the turn of 1999 and 2000 in Budapest, with the guitarists Peter Erdélyi and Mark Spala, and bassist Csaba Erdélyi. It took a long time to find a singer and proper drummer, and it wasn’t until 2004 when the line-up could solidify. In 2005 recorded a 5-song EP with Hungarian lyrics. This material was released 2012.

2006 they recorded  “No Contact”,  a demo in English to promote outside the borders of Hungary and hopefully to find a label. In 2007  recorded first album titled ‘Crust of Ego’, which contains all previous songs in English, some newly written stuff and a U2 cover, released in 2008. Played a big festival in Hungary with Brainstorm, Sabaton and Pagan’s Mind, and Rockmaraton in Romania with Moonsorrow, and Metalfest Open Air.

Their second full length album ‘Open Wide’ was released in 2012.

cover art

  1. Paycheck
  2. Fake
  3. The Substitute
  4. Into Sour
  5. Binary Bravery
  6. Borderline
  7. Wings of the Vulture
  8. Finite
  9. Director’s Cut
  10. Undone
  11. Sledgehammer (bonus track – Peter Gabriel cover)

Erdélyi Péter – Guitar, Vocals
Specker Balázs – Guitar
Erdélyi Csaba – Bass
Kliment Márton – Drums

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