Adagio is a French neo-classical progressive metal band, their music is dark, complex and played on a very high level of skill. The ruling spirit is Stéphan Forté the guitarist and composer who hired musicians back in 1999 to record the first album Sanctus Ignis. 2003 a stable band line-up had found itself and they toured for the first time.

To the question:”How would you describe Adagio ?” Stéphan Forté replies:” If I had to dedicate my life to create one, and only one painting, it would be a black and glossy painting, describing a detailed scene of the apocalypse, with beauty, passion and above all a strong dramatic dimension. The particularity of this painting is that it would have a size increasing constantly, each time getting deeper and wider”

Their releases:Archangels in Black

  • Sanctus Ignis (2001)
  • Underworld (2003)
  • A Band in Upperworld (Live-Album, 2004)
  • Dominate (2005)
  • Archangels In Black (2009)

and Stephan Forte’s solo album ‘The Shadows Compendium’ 2010

What they are up to now I am not sure, there’s not really been any update on their homepage since 2011, maybe you’ll find more info on facebook