Age Of Arthemis free download

Brazilian Power / Prog metallers Age Of Arthemis have just started on their new album, follower up of their 2011 release  “Overcoming Limits”.

In Brazil they are supported by (Ex-Angra, Almah) Edu Falschi, in Europe they have secured the services of German based Power Prog Label & Distro. For promotion they are giving away the track ‘Thruth In Your Eyes’ from the debut album for free here:


Age of Artemis

Age Of Arthemis is a Brazilian progressive powermetal band. Their debut album “Overcoming Limits” produced by Edu Falschi (Ex-Angra / Almah) was released in December 2011. The clips I heard so far sound very promising, think I’ll keep track of that band.

1. What Lies Behind…
2. Echoes Within
3. Mystery
4. Take Me Home
5. Truth in Your Eyes
6. Break Up the Chains
7. One Last Cry
8. You’ll See
9. God, Kings and Fools
10. Till the End
11. R.J.P.     (Bonustrack Japanese Release)


Alírio Netto (Vocal)
Nathan Grego (Guitars)
Gabriel “T-Bone” Soto (Guitars)
Giovanni Sena (Bass)
Pedro Senna (Drums)