Astronomikon is a melodic power metal band from Cyprus, formed (by Paris Lambrou and Nicholas Leptos of Arrayan Path and Prodigal Earth) in 2008

Dark Gorgon Rising 2013Dark Gorgon Rising by Astronomikon cover art

  1. Ad Astra Per Aspera
  2. Anatolia
  3. Son Of Seriphos
  4. Witch Hunter
  5. The Spell I’m Under
  6. Dramatis Personae
  7. Dark Gorgon Rising
  8. Bloodborn
  9. The Stone Abomination
  10. For You I Will Die Young
  11. A Sad Day At Argos
  12. Perseas Eurymedon

The band’s debut album is a concept based on the myth of Perseus, the first of the mythic heroes of Greek Mythology. Perseus was the hero who killed Medusa, tamed Pegasus and claimed Andromeda, having rescued her from a sea monster.

Astronomikon’s music is some of the top melodic power metal you can hear, awesome vocals, riffing and melodies that will stick. Just hit their homepage for a listen, it is worth it if you love melodic metal! As you can see also the artwork is a hit 🙂 Let’s see how these guys will go on from here.  I didn’t find any tourdates so far, let’s stay hopeful …

The current line up includes Socratis Leptos (guitars) and Stefan Dittrich (drums).