Cloudscape (known as “Doctor Weird” until 2001) is a progressive metal band from Helsingborg, Sweden. Played at ProgPower Europe in 2005 and 2007, Sweden Rock Festival in 2006, Prog Metal Fest in Oslo and Bloodstock Open Air in 2008. So far they have released 4 full length albums.
Cloudscape arose from a locally known band called “Doctor Weird” after their appearance at the Sweden Rock Festival in 2000. During 2003, several demo reviews were published in different magazines and webzines, giving them increasing recognition in the underground metal scene. The debut 12-track self-titled album was  released in late 2004 (Asia) and early 2005 (Europe). After releasing their second album they played various shows in the United States. The song “Will We Remain” features guest vocals from Anette Olzon (then vocalist of “Alyson Avenue”).
Cloudscape (2004)
Crimson Skies (2006)cover artGlobal Drama (2008)
New Era (2012)
1.Silver Ending
2.Share Your Energy
3.Kingdom of Sand
4.Pull the Brake
5.Seen It All Before
6.Your Desire
7.Voyager 9
9.Before Your Eyes
10.Violet Eye
11.Into the Unknown

Guest appearance Peter Wildoer (Darkane, James LaBrie) vocals/growls


Mike Andersson – Vocals
Stefan Rosqvist – Guitar
Patrik Svärd – Guitar
Håkan Nyander – Bass guitar
Fredrik Joakimsson – Drums