Crimson Rain

Crimson Rain is a prog metal band from Argovia, Switzerland.

Mankind Is Obsolete by Crimson Rain cover art


1. Intro
2. Endgame
3. Vigour  of The Law
4. Raise of The Indignant
5. Our Gleam of Hope
6. Leap of Faith
7. Heliocentric

Running through their second release quickly, this is extremely well played, sometimes even technical metal with clean, powermetal like vocals. An interesting combination,  and the music fuses jazz, ambient and classical influences as well.

The title of the release sets the lyrical themes: ‘Mankind Is Obsolete’, based on a concept about diffrent stages of a global, political vision and their worshippers..

The first track after the intro, Endgame starts off with powerful guitar riffing, somewhat catchy vocal melodies, heavy and not too fast but with lots of drive. Guitar frills embroider and keep it interesting, never overdone. In the middle, a jazzy swing feel with pianos takes us to the guitar solo. This first track is the best on the album in my opinion, or maybe it seems so. The weakest point of the band are the vocals, the unvarying expression gets me a little down with time.
On the other hand, the melodies are not bad, check out Raise Of The indignant, the longest track on the release, a combination of classic hevy metal riffing and ballad style verses, catchy chorus and nice drum works.
All in all, the album leaves me with the impression of interesting instrumental stuff, not too fast paced metal/hardrock/jazz fusion with somewhat boring vocals. Well worth a ckeck out though!
It began in 2006, Lewis (Guitar) and Florian (Vocals) used to jam, and formed the band from there. The band highlightseems to have been a meeting with Dream Theater. (‘They are awesome guys and it was such an incredible honor to meet the guys.’) The band state that their biggest influence is Dream Theater, other influences cited are Opeth, and Creed.
Previous release is Way To Satori EP
The plans for the future are to play as much as possible, a little tour through Switzerland in autumn.
Line Up
Lead Vocals: Florian Siegrist
Guitar: Matthew Lewis
Bass: Vito Marrella
Drums: Alain Liesch