Dreamcatcher is a UK metal band formed in 2008

Their first Album, SoulDesign, featuring guest vocals from Jacob Hansen (ex-Anubis Gate, Mercenary) was released in 2011

Their music is very melodic metal with slight prog influences, symphonic, epic and powerful. Very good indeed for a debut (and a step up from other melodic power metal releases, some of them seem to follow a blue print for songstructure and lyrics)

1. The Eyes Of One
2. Take Hold (featuring Jacob Hansen)
3. Balance
4. In the Depths of a Dream
5. My Sin
6. Never Look Back
* Plus hidden instrumental track!

Line up: Alexei Green (g)
Ben Scott (g)
Lukas Jackson (voc)
Adele Pease (keys)
Ross Lavery (dr)
Matt Hudson (b)