EXCALION is a progressive power metal band from Finland started in  2000, members were then between 17 and 19 years old.

First demos were recorded in 2001 and 2002 through to 2003, it came as a surprise to the band when they were offered a chance to make a real album. At the end of 2003 the band signed a deal with a small Portuguese metal label, and the recording of Excalion´s debut album was fixed for autumn 2004. The tracks to be recorded included new songs and some reworkings of the older songs. The debut album Primal Exhale was released in 2005, marked by virtous playing, long songs and overall some clear prog metal influences.

The second album Waterlines was recorded by a new line-up and released in 2007 on Limb Music. The compositions were much more straightforward, less progressive.

High Time, the third album was released in 2010cover art

  1. Enter A Life
  2. From Somewhere To Anywhere
  3. Sun Stones
  4. The Flags In Line
  5. Bring On The Storm
  6. The Shroud
  7. Firewood
  8. Lifetime
  9. Quicksilver
  10. A Walk On A Broken Road
  11. Foreversong

Jarmo Pääkkönen (v)
Jarmo Myllyvirta (k)
Vesa Nupponen (g)
Henri Pirkkalainen (d)
Tero Vaaja (b)