The band was created in 1998 by keyboardist Philippe Giordana together with bassist/drummer Willdric Lievin. The two musicians shared the same passion for epic and symphonic Heavy Metal. Following the release of their first demo, Tribute to Universe, their basic metal style began evolving into something more fantastic and symphonic, as in Realm of Wonders. During the recordings of their debut, the band began looking for a vocalist and they found Elisa C. Martin, already known for her work with the successful Spanish power metal band Dark Moor.

Of Wars in Osyrhia was released in April 2003. The response from media and fans enabled the band to tour with Sonata Arctica in France, as well as to perform in the Sweden Rock Festival in 2003.

The next album was again a concept album, again composed by Philippe Giordana and Anthony Parker, and recorded with a new new line-up composed of vocalist Max Leclerqc (formerly of Magic Kingdom), drummer Pierre-Emmanuel “Piwee” Desfray, and bassist Thomas “Tom” Cesario.

The unreleased album caught the attention of the Austrian-based label Napalm Records, who signed the band and released The Fall of an Empire in the fall of 2006, along with a re-release of the first album. A European tour with Kamelot and Leaves’ Eyes followed.

After the tour Philippe and the rest of the band parted ways. After working on new material he decided to enlist the services of guest musicians for his next release. The album Score to a New Beginning was completed in 2009, keeping the same musical style of its predecessors.

In 2010 Philippe joined the band Magic Kingdom.


Realm of Wonders (2000) (Demo)
Of Wars in Osyrhia (2003)
The Fall of an Empire (2006)
Score to a New Beginning (2009)cover art

Track listing

Opening Credits
Across the Endless Sea Part II
Assault on the Shore
Master of the Waves
A Soldier’s Letter
At the Gates of Morken
Rise of the Giants
Score to a New Beginning
End Credits
A Soldier’s Letter  (Japanese & Korean bonus track)

Philippe Giordana – keyboards, acoustic guitars, compositions, concept, programming
Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias – Album art
Guest musicians
Marco Sandron (Pathosray): Lead Vocals
Georg Neuhauser (Serenity): Add. Vocals
Flora Spinelli (Kerion): Lead Vocals
Klaaire (Syrayde): Add. Vocals
Geraldine Gadaut (Benighted Soul): Add. Vocals
Jean-Gabriel Bocciarelli (Benighted Soul): Add. Vocals
Fabio D’Amore (Pathosray, Serenity): Bass, Add. Vocals, Guitar Solo
Willdric Lievin (Hamka): Drums, Choirs
Chris Menta (Razordog): Rhythmic and Acc. Guitars, Guitar Solos on track 5
Alessio Velliscig (Pathosray): Guitar Solo
Alex Corona (Revoltons): Guitar Solos
Olivier Lapauze (Heavenly): Guitar Solo
Hugo Lefebvre (Anthropia): Guitar Solo
Yann Mouhad (Anthropia): Guitar Solo
Remy Carrayrou (Kerion): Guitar Solo
Dushan Petrossi (Iron Mask, Magic Kingdom) – Guitar Solos
Marc Rhulmann (Whyzdom): Keyboard Solo