Support Keldian’s new album!

Keldian is a two man project from Norway who have put out two extremely cool albums of what they call sci-fi metal.

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At the moment Keldian are working on their next release and have chosen to go crowdfunding. Since they have no label, management or financing behind them, and since they used to give away their music for free, they asked their fans to help them fund the next release. So far this has been a success as you can see here!

If you also want to be a part of it, head over now and help them cover their cost, and put some money in their pocket for food, drink and all the rest of it. The band really deserve it!

A little background on crowdfunding: Kickstarter is the best known platform for crowdfunding, even more so since Amanda Palmer (Ex- Dresden Dolls) and Serj Tankian (System Of A Down) used it for funding their next solo albums. Palmer exceeded all expectations (most of all her own I guess) by raising over a million dollars.

While Kickstarter is only open to musicians from the US and the UK, indiegogo and musicraiser are two examples of platforms for international artists.

Crowdfunding is simple and effective: Friends, fans and even total strangers buy a “perk”, thus funding the artists before they start producing. Usually perks are downloads, CDs, T-Shirts and specials like meet-and-greets, livingroom gigs or mentions in the CD liner notes.

I hope I got you interested, check out some of the projects up for funding! This is a very personal and special way to buy music.




Keldian are a two piece band started in 2006 and they discribe their music as melodic sci-fi metal

They hail from Norway where they also played with some other bands. So far they have released two full legths albums,

Haven’s Gate and Journey Of Souls that you can donwload in full for free from their homepage.

They combine some very nice rather rock, indie sounding vocals and metal instrumental outlines bringing in a lot of synths that make for the sci-fi. The music is not ultra hard, very melodic and in some places outright beautiful and epic.