Labyrinth (also known as Labÿrinth) is a power metal band formed in 1991 in Italy, last heard of 2011 after their tour with Sonata Arctica. Next to Rhapsody Of Fire they could well be the best known and most successful Italian band ever.

When they started off the band members all used English pseudonyms, thus maybe confusing people who look for that guitarist or that singer 🙂

During their long band history they toured Europe, South America, Taiwan, China, Hongkong and Japan, played Wacken, Gods Of Metal, Växjö Metal III, Evolution, Agglutination Metal in Italy and other festivals.

Among the bands they played with are Black Sabbath, Pantera, Helloween, Blind Guardian,  HammerFall,  Primal Fear, Heimdall, Vision Divine, Nocturnal Rites, Iron Savior, Domine, White Skull, Skylark, Novembre, Vader, Virgin Steele, Elvenking, Dream Evil, Angra, Pagan’s Mind and Jorn.

Their style is close to speed metal, very melodic though, mighty powerful vocals and synths. Of course they underwent a lot of line-up changes and so their output also varies in style, but with their latest or more likely last release they have rounded the circle back to their power-speed beginnings.

Demo / EP

Midnight Resistance (EP) (1994)
Piece of Time (EP) (1995)
Timeless Crime (EP) (1999)


No Limits (1996)
Return to Heaven Denied (1998)
Sons of Thunder (2000)
Labyrinth (2003)
Freeman (2005)
6 Days to Nowhere (2007)
Return to Heaven Denied Pt. II: “A Midnight Autumn’s Dream” (2010)cover art

  1. The Shooting Star
  2. A Chance
  3. Like Shadows In The Dark
  4. Princess Of The Night
  5. Sailors Of Time
  6. To Where We Belong
  7. A Midnight Autumn’s Dream
  8. The Morning’s Call
  9. In This Void
  10. A Painting On The Wall

last line-up

Roberto Tiranti (Rob Tyrant) – Vocals, Bass Guitar
Andrea Cantarelli (Anders Rain) – Guitar
Carlo Andrea Magnani (Olaf Thorsen) – Guitar
Andrea De Paoli (Andrew McPauls) – Keyboard
Alessandro Bissa – Drums
Sergio Pagnacco – Bass

Former Members

Fabio Tordiglione (Fabio Lione) – Lead Vocals (1991–1996) – later frontman of Rhapsody Of Fire
Andrea Bartoletti – Bass (1991–1994)
Pier Gonella – Guitar (2003–2009)
Cristiano Bertocchi(Chris Breeze) – Bass (1995–2006)
Franco Rubulotta (Frank Andiver) – Drums (1991–1996)
Luca Contini (Ken Taylor) – Keyboard(1991–1996)
Morby – Vocals (1998–1999)
Mattia Stancioiu (Mat Stancioiu) – Drums (1997–2010)