Lost In Thought

Lost In Thought are a progressive metal band from Wales / UK

They started out in 2007 and the first songs they recorded were convincing enough to get them a label deal.

The album Opus Arise was released in 2011 and recieved very good marks all round. Dynamic vocals, melodic songs, not over hard metal, a very listenable collection.

According to the Wiki page they have started recording a new album set for release late 2013 so lets look out for this

1. Beyond The Flames
2. Entity
3. Blood Red Diamond
4. Seek To Find
5. New Times Awaken
6. Delusional Abyss
7. Lost In Thoughts
8. Assimulate, Destroy

David Grey – Guitar
Greg Baker – Keyboards
Nate Loosemore – Vocals
Simon Pike – Bass
Rory O’Hare – Drums

Their homepage is down so look them up on facebook