Metaphysics are an Italian progressive/power metal band that has just released their debut album Beyond The Nightfall

I like the Italian metal, and this is a good example, very melodic yet not so epic, rather more playful und more prog, nice key and git solos and very nice vocals

They started out in 2005 and released a demo EP in 2007 that made them a lot of admirers and fans and brought in great reviews. The current album was recorded from 2011 on. I am sorry that I can’t find more info, maybe if some Italian could help and translate some of their bio for me it’d be great.

Beyond The Nightfall

01. Fallin
02. Letter From A Dead Mancover art 03. Follow Your Desires
04. Shadow Games
05. Just A Dream?
06. Searching For …
07. When Everything Comes To An End
08. Renaissance
09. Lifend
10. Light …

Their line-up:

Davide Gabriele (voc)
Davide Perruzza (g)
Matteo Raggi (b)
Marco Aiello (dr)
Gabriels Shiro (keys)